Education Outreach through Plan USA

Actively involved in his community, catering company president Jeffrey Bussean contributes to such outreach organizations as Plan USA. With support from Jeffrey Bussean and other donors, Plan USA helps to improve educational access and outcomes for children around the world.

Dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for children and their families, Plan USA designs and implements solutions centered on community empowerment. These solutions strive for long-term change by directly addressing those factors that keep children from reaching their potential. A lack of basic education stands out as one of the most salient of those factors.

Across the world, 75 million children of primary school age do not attend a formal education program. Many of these children are out of school because there is simply no school or no space in schools near their homes. Plan USA addresses these issues with school-building programs as well as assistance that supports the inclusion of children with disabilities and other medical conditions.

Plan USA also strives to improve the quality of education worldwide. In 26 countries, its School Improvement Program has provided textbooks and other learning materials in addition to teacher-training programs. Meanwhile, Plan USA communicates with children in schools around the world to discuss the needs of their communities and involve them in outreach projects.