Hearing Health Programs from Sertoma

A catering executive for the past 40 years, Jeffrey Bussean also takes an active role in his community. Jeffrey Bussean supports a number of local and national nonprofit organizations, including Sertoma.

Founded as a hearing health organization, Sertoma strives for a society in which everyone has the opportunity to hear. Toward this end, it sponsors the development of hearing and speech care as well as educational outreach programs. Its hard of hearing or deaf scholarships support students with significant hearing loss who are pursuing a college education. Additionally, the Communicative Disorders Scholarship provides financial aid to students pursuing graduate degrees in speech-language pathology or audiology.

Sertoma also provides public education on noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Its SAFEEars! Program publishes and distributes materials targeted at individuals of all ages, from elementary school students to adults, and teaches both NIHL awareness and strategies for safe hearing. Students ages 11 to 19 are also eligible to join the organization’s community activism Serteen, and college students may become part of a collegiate Sertoma club.

Further, Sertoma publishes a list of organizations nationwide that support access to assistive devices. The organization as a whole advocates for support programs such as those that provide as induction looping. This simple technology enables hearing aids to receive signals from microphones and other public announcement devices. Groups across the country may also work with Sertoma to expand services, thanks to the organization’s Adopt-an-Agency program.