Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago Beginnings

Jeffrey Bussean, president of a catering and banquets company, has worked to create elegant event venues in locations that have historic significance. One of Jeffrey Bussean’s many interests is historic preservation. Among the organizations he supports is the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

Headquartered in Chicago, the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust aims to educate the public on the works of influential American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The organization preserves and offers tours of many important Wright sites. These include his Chicago home and studio as well as several buildings throughout the Chicago area.

While Frank Lloyd Wright worked in other areas of the country, he spent the first twenty years of his career in Chicago. These years were particularly formative ones for his career and art. During this time, he developed his Prairie style and his modern vision, which helped to bring Chicago to the forefront of architectural innovation. Today, Chicago and its surrounding suburbs have a higher concentration of Wright buildings than any other area. His works continue to be studied by people all over the world and serve as inspirations to those the field of architecture.