The Midlothian Country Club, by Jeffrey Bussean

I hold a membership at the Midlothian Country Club, an historic golf and country club located in Cook County, Illinois. I have a particular fondness of historic restoration and led efforts to convert the Patrick Haley Mansion into an elegant event venue. The Midlothian Country Club underwent an extensive renovation in the late 1990s and continues to hold the reputation as one of the most well-kept historic golf courses in the country. The club’s origins date back to the 1890s, when a group of Chicago businessmen discovered an area to the southwest of the city that was ideally shaped for golf. A country club was quickly incorporated, kept secret to everyone but members. Eventually, locals began to notice high-profile individuals boarding trains toward Rock Island after work. Through sleuthing, they discovered the club, which instantly became famous.

Originally, the Midlothian Country Club consisted of a 9-hole course, but this was eventually expanded to 18 holes. Members had to score 72 or less in order to gain access to the full course. Starting in 1901, the Midlothian Country Club began hosting a number of professional and amateur tournaments. The Western Open and Western Amateur were both held at the club that year, and a few years later the Midlothian hosted the Women’s Western Amateur and Women’s United States Amateur. Competition events continued until 1973 before taking a two-decade hiatus. As of 1991, the Midlothian Cup, a member-guest tournament, was reintroduced. The club offers a number of membership levels.

At the highest level, members receive full access to all facilities as well as voting rights and invitations to exclusive events. Other memberships are available for young professionals, for the children of members, and for those interested in the non-golf aspects of the club. Finally, individuals who live over 100 miles from the club may purchase a non-resident membership for a reduced price.

About Jeffrey Bussean: Active in historic restoration and the catering industry, Jeffrey Bussean manages the activities of Bussean Enterprises. He enjoys music, art, yachting, and car restorations in his spare time.